INNFLECT is active in the following companies (in alphabetical order) and is regularly seeking new partners, customers and investors to help develop and grow the respective businesses further.



CEVAP  (Eindhoven, NL  – water purification & waste treatment technology) is an early stage startup, supporting a more environmentally friendly circular economy by filling the gap in the low/medium volume segments and across the full range of water feed qualities through a combination of unique technology and waste heat to create a sustainable & affordable solution.

PITSTRAAT (Eindhoven, NL – eCommerce – automotive aftermarket) is the first search & compare platform for auto parts and accessories in the BeNeLux. Quickly moving from early stage startup to in-revenue.

PixQuanta (Cork, Ireland – high tech – semiconductor design) is an early stage startup with unique diode design concept to greatly improve X-Ray detector performance in health and security sectors.       




SemiBlocks BV will commercialise a breakthrough Crystal Oscillator technology platform called MultiMode™.  MultiMode™ is a patented technology solution that enables the use of lower cost crystals across practically all crystal oscillator product types and applications. It further enables the integration of multiple functionalities, such as Crystal Oscillator + Timing, into a single product solution. This greatly increases flexibility while reducing product development time and cost. Applications range from consumer products such as Smartphones and Tablets to mobile network infrastructure.