Some Innflect activities

Innflect is, or has recently been, active in the following companies (in alphabetical order). We are regularly seeking new partners, customers and investors to help develop and grow businesses further.

LionVolt BV Eindhoven, NL

LionVolt, is a spin off from the Dutch Technology Institute, TNO. The company will further develop, industrialise and commercialise a revolutionary Li-Lon battery solution based on 3D structures. This battery technology will meet the long term needs of all industries related to mobility for safe, lightweight batteries with higher density and faster charging speeds.    

CEVAP Eindhoven, NL

CEVAP has developed a new  product and technology concept in the area of water purification & waste treatment. The CEVAP solution supports a more environmentally friendly circular economy by filling the gap in the low/medium volume segments and across the full range of water feed qualities. This is done  through a combination of unique technology and the use of waste heat to create a sustainable & affordable solution.

PixQuanta Ltd., Ireland

PixQuanta has patented, and is now developing further, a unique thin film high gain diode technology.  This will eventually enable a significant reduction in  dosage to make medical x-rays better and safer to use.  The technology will also improve the performance of solid state LiDAR solutions to improve the safety of autonomous cars.

SALDtech BV, Eindhoven NL

SALDtech develops, builds and sells commercial Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) systems into the flat panel display industry. The SALDtech tool will help enable the production scale up of next generation display technologies. Related end product display markets include smartphones, tablets, TVs as well a new form-factor displays in (autonomous) cars and on practically every surface.

SemiBlocks BV, Eindhoven NL

SemiBlocks BV will commercialise a breakthrough Crystal Oscillator technology platform called MultiMode™. MultiMode™ is a patented technology solution that enables the use of lower cost crystals across practically all crystal oscillator product types and applications. It further enables the integration of multiple functionalities, such as Crystal Oscillator + Timing, into a single product solution. This greatly increases flexibility while reducing product development time and cost. Applications range from consumer products such as Smartphones and Tablets to mobile network infrastructure., Eindhoven NL

Welshop is an online platform to allow those who  seek mental healthcare to quickly discover and match with the best people to give them this care. This will help to significantly reduce waiting lists while improving the overall quality of mental health care itself.


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