Karl McGoldrick

After 15 years of corporate business experience, spanning Europe, Asia and the USA, I made the shift 17 years ago to where my heart is. The world of startups.

In 2013, after 12 years leading high tech ventures through concept phase to market, I founded the company INNFLECT.

The fundamental idea of INNFLECT is to use experience and network as a platform to enjoy a passion for helping local new ventures to succeed.

This was expanded in 2016 to include startups formed through spinoffs from existing companies or other institutions. A further activity is in helping investors to evaluate potential startup investment opportunities.

So far we have helped to start or co-found 14 new ventures, involving subsidiaries, spinoffs, M&A and fresh startups. The cumulative investment raised is €55million with an average investment round of €3,7m. This includes spinoffs from Philips, TNO as well as from smaller companies.

These ventures cover a wide scale of industries such as Semiconductors; Mobile Devices; Electronic Displays; Flexible Electronics; Healthcare; Green Energy; eCommerce and Sport & Leisure.

While the sectors may be varied, the common factors include having great people with a great idea.

Karl McGoldrick


The name
Every company, young or mature, will reach specific points in their lifetime that will determine their future from that point on. It is an event that results in a significant change in the progress of a company.

If they miss these moments, they risk rapid decline. If they respond well, they will grow. This point is called an “inflection point”. For startups there will be numerous such inflection points, already during the first few years.

The name “INNFLECT” stems from a mission to work with companies to help identify the inflection points and work together to achieve positive results, with an emphasis on INNovation.