Welcome to Innflect

Succeeding as an entrepreneur in any form of new venture means living a fine balance between the dream and the hard reality. Innflect complements the creativity of the founders with the wisdom of experience to give ventures a greater chance of success.

This is a hands-on approach to first validate the business idea and ensure there is a “fit”. Then plan and execute the fastest path to revenue and growth.

Further steps include
– Direct investment and/or via 3rd parties.
– Coaching to establish ongoing direction & focus
– Business development 
– Contract negotiation 
– Mentoring & sharing support network.

For the purpose of INNFLECT related activities, a startup involves people who are wired differently than those who prefer to work in mature companies. They are passionate about commercialising their own innovative product, service or business model. And even though the future is fuzzy, their faith in the end result encourages others to invest time and money in them. ©INNFLECT

“Passion” is a key element in successful startups. It signals that founders believe in what they do, and that they will not give up easily. Success and failure though teach us that “passion” alone does not pay bills. Only cash-producing-sales do that.