INNFLECT BV was founded in 2012 by Karl McGoldrick with the idea of making his experience a platform to enable his passion of helping others to meet their business gaols. Karl has a substantial portfolio of hands on experience, which together with his extensive network can add value to established mature businesses as well to new venture startups.

This can be summarised as follows:

  • Over 30 years of international business experience – spanning Europe/USA/Asia.
  • From ideas and technology development – through market-entry – to production scale up.
  • Diversity
    • Semiconductors; Mobile Devices; Electronic Displays; Flexible Electronics: New materials; Healthcare; Green Energy/Solar/Water Treatment; Hospitality; eCommerce; Sport & Leisure…covering diverse innovative/disruptive technologies.
    • Components; Consumer products; Manufacturing systems
    • R&D; Business Development; Marketing; Manufacturing; Supply Chain.
    • Executive Management; Board Directorships; Shareholdings
  • Corporate Greenfield sites; Spin Outs; M&A and as well as independent new venture start-ups
  • Over €50million in funds raised for various ventures
  • Broad Network
  • Building great teams